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Company’s News

On October, 20 we celebrate International day of the air traffic Controller!


There is nothing more important than provision of safety in the air. It is exactly a major task of the air traffic controller: to control and direct airplanes, delivering the passengers in total safety on earth.

The IJSAC" URGA" management and personnel congratulate on the professional holiday the all air traffic controllers! We wish you only successful landings and flights, mutual understanding with pilots, promotion at work, happiness and love!

World day of civil aviation steward.


On July 12 for around 80 years since whole world celebrates the World day of civil aviation stewards, who are more known to us as stewards and stewardesses of airliners. Exactly they, who are the "face" of airlines and most romantic character of all world aviation, celebrate their professional holiday today.

We congratulate all stewards and stewardesses and wish them good health, success, patience, new horizons, gently landings and flying weather!

Airline "Urga" opens flight Kyiv - Lviv - Kyiv


June 18, 2014 the airline offers flights between Kyiv and Lviv.

Flight tickets from Kyiv will be performed six times a week from the new Terminal «D» International airport "Kyiv" at 07:50 - Monday to Friday, and 10:00 every Saturday.

Departures from Lviv will run from Monday to Friday at 19:00 and departures on Sunday - 19:40 local time.

On Kiev - Lviv airline will operate comfortable Swedish Saab-340 aircraft. Service on board is organized in premium economy class with the provision of food and additional services and economy class, where passengers for drinks.

Dear partners and colleagues! On behalf of AIR URGA top management and personnel please accept our sincere congratulations on the day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War!


From the bottom of our hearts we wish you power, spiritual strength, and victories on your life path! Let your close people always support and inspire you, let your colleagues and like-minded people understand you, let your problems and misunderstandings go past.

Let good luck always help you realize your dearest wishes and let your energy be always enough to do your fruitful work! Let your dearest wishes come true and your guardian angel go with you side by side through the journey of your life. We wish you peace, wealth and happiness!

Air URGA’s top management and personnel congratulate you with the Ester Sunday with all our hearts!


May the God protect you and your family from all the troubles, may Him lead you to the right path, and help you in implementation of all your hopes and good beginnings!

We hope your dearest wishes will come true, and your guardian-angel will go with you side by side through the journey of your life.

We wish your families be always surrounded by the good, hope, and care!

Let all your deeds be a success, and let your heart radiate pure love! Let your life be full of wealth, earthborn wisdom and heavenly thoughts!

Top management and all personnel of AIR URGA have the great honour to congratulate you with the New Year’s Day and Christmas!


Let the oncoming year bring you peace and the good things, love and respect to those close to you; let this year be full of heavenly thoughts and good deeds, and be rich for new achievements and pleasant events! We wish you and your families good health, success, creative inspiration, and new accomplishments! Let all your cherished dreams come true!

And let good luck and mercy come to every home!

The Air "URGA" celebrating the 20th anniversary of its foundation.


Dear colleagues, friends, partners and clients! On behalf of the management staff let us heartily congratulate you in honor of celebrating the 20th anniversary of Air URGA’s foundation.

We are sincerely grateful to our staff for fruitful and dedicated work, love and devotion to work, high professionalism, and for contribution which all of you introduced to development of our aviation company. We wish you achievement of the highest levels in your job performance, prosperity and career growth, successful progress, and we thank all of you for cooperation!

Mr. Simon McNamara, Director General of European Regions Airline Association (ERA) paid a formal visit to Air URGA


Today, ERA is the largest organization representing the interests of regional airlines in Europe. The Association promotes the interests of intra-European airlines by lobbying the European Commission and other European regulatory bodies on political issues, promoting the social and economic importance of air transport and its environmental commitments holding expert advice and guidance on all air transport regulatory matters.

Air Urga is a member of this honorable European association since 2001.

The aim of the high-level visit was to hold a meeting with the air company top management, and to get familiar with Air URGA structural organization and its units.

Mr. McNamara was shown a company’s air equipment and aircraft. Such issues as further cooperation between Air URGA and ERA integration were discussed during the visit.

Summarizing the visit, Mr. McNamara stated that Air URGA has significant recourses and opportunities to be applied in new areas of aviation activity and successful development of aviation business.

From our all heart we congratulate you with such a heartwarming day – the Easter!


Let your home be filled on this light day with the good, hope, light, and care!

Let all your undertakings be successful, and your heart be filled with sincere love!

Let your life be always full of welfare, wisdom, and clean mind.

Let God save you and your close persons from all disasters, let Him direct your way and help all your hopes and kind undertakings come true!

World day of Aviation and Cosmonautics


Aviator is not just a profession, this is calling. We implement into reality dreams about flying inherent to every person. On this day we congratulate all people to whom the sky became not only work but the best friend as well.

We wish you health, inspiration, family welfare and success in reaching new heights!

The best wishes on Women‘s Day!


Dear Ladies! It is pleasant that the most beautiful season of the year - Spring – begins with the holiday dedicated to you.

On this occasion accept please our sincere congratulations and wishes. We wish you successful realization of all your dreams and intentions, constant progress in all spheres of your life, good health, happiness, well-being, respect and true, spaceless love. Let each day make you happy by tender loving care of your familiars, life make full with new exciting impressions, purely positive emotions. Be charmfull and let your heart be full with warmness and peace!

Plenty of festive words sound all over the world on this day and the whole universe cheers you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


International Joint-Stock Aviation Company «URGA» offers to its clients, partners and all airline’s personnel the most sincere congratulations on the occasion of Christmas and New Year holidays!

We are deeply thankful to you that the past year you were with us, for your trust and cooperation!

We do hope that the next year our cooperation will be more profitable.

May all your beginnings and deals be accompanied by the success and luck in the New Year!

IJSAC «URGA» wishes you a lot of bright events, creative achievements, prosperity and happiness!

The new design of the Company’s site


IJSAC «URGA» internet site is fully revised. We periodically renovated and modernized the site of the Company, improved services, structure and design.

The main purpose of the last site revision is to provide the passengers and users with maximum convenience. While revising we tried to take into account wishes of users, including those obtained at the conference with the participation of company management. Improved structure and navigation reduces the time of information receipt about services provided by the company.

In addition to updated design, we renewed systematic sections, optimized navigation, improved ergonomics.

IJSAC «URGA» redrafted site is fully operational, though its improvement will continue further, including comments and recommendations of users.

Aviation Day of Ukraine


Professional holiday of military and civilian pilots and aviation industry workers and transport - Aviation Day is celebrated at the last Saturday of August.

The holiday is set by Presidential Decree #305/93 dd. August, 16 1993.

Today the traffic of Ukraine covers 5 of flight information regions with the total area of 729.8 thousand square km. Ukraine has combined civil-military system of air transportation organization. Our country is one with full aviation cycle, that has effective system of state regulations of aviation, own vocational education, aircraft manufacturer enterprises, developed airports network and modern aero navigational system.